Highly sensitive relationships – Gwen Stefani: “I’m really emotional”

Gwen Stefani

Like a number of other dynamic and creative musicians and actors, Gwen Stefani affirms she has qualities of the personality trait of high sensitivity:

“I’m really emotional. I don’t fight with people – like, I can barely fight with my husband because I’ll just start crying instead. I’ve learnt not to do that.” [imdb.com]

A musicomh.com interview article said about creating one of her albums (“Love. Angel. Music. Baby.”) that her insecurities are depicted in the exuberant video What You Waiting For, “where Gwen plays Alice chasing around the rabbit, symbolizing inspiration, in Wonderland.

“Stefani was working for the first time with former 4 Non-Blondes leader Linda Perry, the woman behind hit songs by Pink and Christina Aguilera: ‘I’d never worked with the woman before. I went in the studio the first day and cried. Linda was so magic, driven, inspiring and beautiful.

Gwen Stefani“She was saying: ‘What you waiting for, Gwen? C’mon! I know you got it in you!'”

Her video Wind It Up is a kind of homage to her favorite film “The Sound of Music.”

One of her CDs is The Sweet Escape.

Upper photo from facebook.com/gwenstefani

Lower photo: as Jean Harlow in The Aviator (2004)

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HSPs intense relationships

Stefani’s relationship with her husband may be a very stable and happy one, but as Elaine N. Aron, Ph.D. comments on the site for her book The Highly Sensitive Person In Love, “on the average HSPs’ relationships in general are less happy.. at least for the HSP.

“Why? HSPs have nervous systems that pick up more on subtleties in the world and reflect on them deeply. That means, for starters, that they will tend to demand more depth in their relationships in order to be satisfied; see more threatening consequences in their partners’ flaws or behaviors; reflect more and, if the signs indicate it, worry about how things are going.

“Because HSPs are picking up on so much, they are also more prone to overstimulation, quicker to feel stress – including the stimulation and stress that can arise in any intense, intimate interactions. They need more down time, which can cause a partner to feel left out. They find different things enjoyable compared to others.”


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