What is our rush? Freeing yourself from pressure.

“It is also good every so often to go away and relax a little for when you come back to your work your judgment will be better, since to remain constantly at work causes you to deceive yourself.”

Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci self-portrait-colorThis need to “get away” from work and other people, even our own overactive minds, is especially important for introverted and/or highly sensitive people, who are often creators and innovators.

In her article What’s the rush?, creativity coach Jenna Avery describes how constantly striving and being urgent about our lives and careers can have such negative impacts on emotional health, especially for highly sensitive people, who “don’t like to work under stress and pressure.”

She writes, “It makes us nervous and lessens the quality of our performance. As people with particularly high standards and conscientiousness, the conflict between wanting to do well and feeling unable to do so builds into an intense and painful internal struggle.

“It’s no wonder we sometimes explode, and more often burn out.”

She challenges sensitive souls “to step outside this rushaholism and become leaders in honoring the deeper intuitive messages that guide our lives.”

Jenna Avery “uses her intuition, deep empathy, and innate practicality to help her visionary, creative clients step fully into their creative ideas, dreams, and ability. Learn about her programs including Self-Study Classes for Sensitive Souls, and the Writer’s Circle at JennaAvery.com.

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Painting: “The new portrait of Leonardo da Vinci, which was painted between 1475 and 1480 and can be found in Washington, The National Gallery of Art, was wrongly attributed to the Italian painter Cariani…” From New Portrait of Leonardo da Vinci.


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