Jenna Avery on Recharging Your Energy as a Highly Sensitive Person

Coach Jenna Avery writes:

As a sensitive soul, good energy-management skills are a must.

This means tuning in to yourself on a regular basis and continually reassessing and adjusting what you take on.

Jenna AveryIt’s a real balancing act.

And sometimes, despite your best intentions, your energy gets drained and you feel out of balance.

The key, then, is to know how to quickly and easily recharge your energy.

Some of why this situation happens is that highly sensitive people are more susceptible to overstimulation than less sensitive types.

Being overstimulated ultimately drains your energy.

You may not notice the drain right away because it can also produce an adrenaline rush, which creates a sense of urgency or even panic that’s hard to shake.

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Jenna Avery is a highly sensitive coach and intuitive who offers creativity coaching and various programs.

Self-Study Classes for Sensitive Souls – Jenna says, “These self-study classes are the product of my many efforts to find ways to be a happy, healthy, highly sensitive soul.” I have investigated everything I could get my hands on about energy skills, energetic boundary strengthening, interpersonal boundaries, flower essences for sensitive souls, empathy, intuitive development and more.

“I wanted to find out everything I could about how to feel happy about my life without feeling so assaulted by it — other people’s energy, emotions, and criticisms, and the life stresses and challenges that go along with day-to-day life.

“I believe that energy skills are amongst the most critical information available to sensitives, and unfortunately, it isn’t widely available, at least in a mainstream way. I’ve come to believe that what I teach is the equivalent of Sensitive Souls 101. I’d love to share it with you.”

NOTE – This is an interview from a few years ago, and Jenna refers to an old site of hers: – visit her new site to learn about her various classes and programs at


Podcast interview: Jenna Avery on helping sensitive souls thrive


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