Jenna Avery on Work for Sensitive Souls

Jenna Avery writes:

Have people always called you “too sensitive?”

Do you try to hide it, pretend it doesn’t exist, or work around it as much as possible?

Many Highly Sensitive Souls believe that our sensitivity makes us weak, weird, or different.

Actually, being sensitive makes us highly aware, caring, and perceptive.

In the workplace, the gift of sensitivity may feel like a handicap. As Sensitive Souls, we care passionately about our work and it tremendously impacts our well-being.

I am a fervent champion of work for Sensitive Souls where we can fully contribute and feel deeply satisfied by our efforts. So how is this possible?

> Continued in her article Work that Works for Sensitive Souls: Six Steps to Transforming Your Career.

{Photo: Google office, Zurich – from article Career Planning for Gifted Adults.}

Jenna Avery is a highly sensitive coach and intuitive who offers a series of Self-Study Classes for Sensitive Souls – “These self-study classes are the product of my many efforts to find ways to be a happy, healthy, highly sensitive soul.”

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Originally posted 2010-06-15 20:26:53.

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