Videos: Elaine Aron on the trait of high sensitivity

Video: Elaine N. Aron, Ph.D., summarizes the trait of high sensitivity:

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Two video clips from documentary “A Talk on High Sensitivity” by Shari Dyer
- available on Elaine Aron’s site

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Elaine Aron-A Seminar-dvdYou can also purchase another DVD: Elaine Aron: A Seminar on Learning How to Thrive as a Highly Sensitive Person. A Guide to Understanding your Sensitivity and Creating a Fuller, Richer Life.

Review: “Dr. Aron succinctly discusses the trait of high sensitivity while providing new guidance and inspiration for those who are familiar with the subject. In a lively and practical manner, Dr. Aron answers a variety of questions from some of the five hundred participants who attended her landmark seminar in Copenhagen in Spring 2010.” []

“This DVD will not only be invaluable to the highly sensitive but extremely beneficial for their partners and parents, as well as professionals working with this population” - Ted Zeff. Ph.D. Author of “The Highly Sensitive Person’s Survival Guide” and “The Strong, Sensitive Boy.

Elaine Aron, PhD is author of the book The Highly Sensitive Person.

Also see the Self-Test on her site.

See more titles on page: Books, Products and Programs for Highly Sensitive People.

See another video and quotes by Dr. Aron in article:
Elaine Aron on High Sensitivity and the Undervalued Self.


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  1. […] Videos: Elaine Aron on the trait of high sensitivity […]

  2. […] Videos: Elaine Aron on the trait of high sensitivity […]

  3. […] Elaine Aron on the trait of high sensitivity. […]

  4. [...] Video: Elaine Aron on the trait of high sensitivity [...]

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