Jenna Forrest on empowering sensitivity and relieving anxiety

Jenna Forrest writes in her memoir Help Is On Its Way about growing up with the trait of high sensitivity. In our podcast interview, she talks about empowering and transcending sensitivity. Here is an excerpt from the interview:

“Millions of highly sensitive people right at this moment are carrying a heavier burden than the rest of society just because they’re perceptive of the world’s discord, which is coming at them every day from a laundry list of sources.

“This is where many sensitive kids and adults are right now, thinking that all these energies going on inside them are because something’s wrong with them.

“Highly sensitive people have a beautiful ability to turn these burdens into art, inventions, writing, acting and other expressions that speak to the hearts of humanity.

“They also have powerful, healing intuition that when developed, can be used to nullify the suffering that’s been endured by themselves and others.” …

Continued in podcast interview (and transcript) Jenna Forrest on Empowering Sensitivity.

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Relieving anxiety for highly sensitive people

Here is one of her videos: Reversing Anxiety & Panic, Drug-Free 

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Her site: Profound Healing for Sensitives, Empaths & Twin Flame Relationships.

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Jenna has mentioned the Tapas Acupressure Technique, which is an energy therapy, like EFT.

Learn more about meridian tapping and EFT / Emotional Freedom Techniques (including a video) on the Anxiety Relief Solutions page: The Tapping Solution – Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), and on The Tapping Solution site.


How to Relieve Stress and Anxiety When You’re Highly Sensitive
As highly sensitive people, we may experience many positive aspects of the trait, but we can also be more reactive and vulnerable to stress and anxiety.

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  1. I am an HSP. I found power and obsession, mostly healhty in building a website. The website is I do the art and code and it is good. I feel like a business owner, may be one soon, and I don’t have to feel like hell going out and socializing

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